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A technical person is responsible for monitoring technical matters in the company, repairing faults, if any, and maintaining electrical appliances, in addition to after-sales services, which include installing and repairing products for customers, as well as contributing to suggestions and ideas that are in the interest of the department.


Al-Mansour SHowroom



Who You are

  • Have a Bachelor's degree or Diploma or Middle School.

  • Have experience in the related field.

  • Good looking

  • The applicant's age should not exceed 28 years. 

  • Serious at work, able to withstand pressure, and prepared for courses and workshops.

What is Required From You

  • To be a resident of the vicinity of the workplace

  • Working hours are only 8 hours / (morning or evening).

  • After acceptance, the employee enters a one-month training and testing period, with a salary to be determined at the time of the interview. 

  • Please upload a recent photo while submitting your application. 

  • The job is for men only.

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